was designed as a chest full of possibilities.  

Developing Creativity, recovering the joy of Play and bringing out the inner Child.

Elements that will enable us to explore, experience, create, become aware, put our ideas into practice and above all enjoy.

Teachers and those interested in Drama and Creativity are welcomed to open this chest and discover the very many possibilities this subject has and the rewarding effects this will produce in our work and in our life.


Drama Seminar


This course is directed to teachers who want to incorporate drama activities for the teaching of English language and other subjects both in primary and secondary.  Also to those, who eventually, wish to teach Drama.

The course consists of six modules:

• How does drama work? (Theory and activities)

• Movement and Speech

• Improvisation  (activities for primary and secondary)

• Other resources   (poetry, puppets and masks)

• Production  (how to write and stage a play)

• Evaluation

Drama Worshop for Teacher


The objective of this workshop:

• Drama as a tool for teaching English language and other subjects.

• To put teachers into action and get them to use their body, trigger their imagination and creativity.

• To supply a battery of exercises and activities that they can adapt for their students according to the level, type of group and subject

Classics through Drama


The possibility of performing a classic after you have read it and analysed it with your students is always very tempting yet, for many reasons, not always possible.

So, if we cannot perform:

How can drama help us in our teaching of classics?

How can we motivate our students to read a play?

How can it help us challenge the intellect of our students?

By using drama as a tool, we can teach the classics and at the same time, we can teach our students many other things about the world.

Shakespeare in action


How can students, teachers and Shakespeare relate with renewed enthusiasm? What roads can be taken to introduce and understand his plays in a more effective way?

During these workshops, teachers will go through a wide range of activities, techniques and strategies that will foster student involvement and allow them not only to take action but become part of the action.

Students will:

Improve knowledge and understanding
Increase knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world they live in
Improve skills – working together
Improve attitudes to Shakespeare and learning
Increase enjoyment, inspiration and creativity
Improve skills and confidence
Establishing the world
Telling the story
Discovering characters
Exploring language

ART Chest


ART is a rich and stimulating resource that will enable us to develop our creativity as teachers and learners. It’s a trigger for creative writing, speech, imagination, improvisation, movement and vocabulary.

A different way to incorporate knowledge. ART will encourage our students and us to engage our right brain.


The objective of this workshop is:

•  To use Art (visual reproductions) as a trigger or starting point, not only for the teaching of English language, but also for other subjects (Literature, History, Geography).

•  To introduce our students into the world and language of visual arts.