Full Circle English




was designed as a space where you can learn, practise and expand your knowledge of the English language.


Dive into reading, increase your vocabulary, share your interests, prepare for your future by taking the International Exams which will open doors for you.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the English language from different perspectives.


Use those words you love to charm, to communicate, to travel, to be……

Full Circle


Reading Plays & Short Stories


For those interested in reading and analysing short stories and plays.

This course will enable you to discover writers and playwrights that you never had a chance to read.

Join us once a week for 90 minutes.

The place: Recoleta



Test of English as a Foreign Language.

A test required by American Universities. 

This course may be tailored to your needs.

Once a week for 60 or 90minutes.

The place: Recoleta

Reading Shakespeare


Approach Shakespeare actively and bring together his world and his plays.

What was the historical context? What are motifs and themes in his plays?

Join us once a week for 90 minutes

The place: Recoleta

Preparing for International Exams


PET, FCE, CAE, CPE (Proficiency)

This course may be tailored to your needs and you may sit for the exams at different times of the year.

Join us once a week for 60 or 90 minutes.

The place: Recoleta

Conversation Club


Brush up your English.  

Engage in conversation and increase your vocabulary, every month a different topic.

Join us once a week for 90minutes

The place: Recoleta

Teacher Training

Courses for teachers to improve pronunciation, grammar or writing skills.

Help for Teacher Training College Students.

Cambridge TKT course and exam for teachers.

Flexible timing.

New course:

Spanish for foreigners

Nuevo curso:

Castellano para extranjeros